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Welcome to Rockaway Photography 

Punk Rock Live Photography, Interviews & Photoshoots

Svetlanas at The New Cross Inn London - I.jpg


All images in the galleries were taken by me and have been categorized by venues instead of bands or artists. This was an easier way to showcase what I think are the best images I snapped over the short years I have been doing this, to promote the venues and thank them for letting me taking photos (some venues are impossible to get into with a camera unless you know the right people).

Big thanks to Andy Cavendish of An Alternative Gatherings, Timmy & Debs of Rockaway Beach, John of South London Punk Collective, Spike of Garageland, Nina & Phil of Punk'n'Roll Rendez-Vous, Dan of The Underworld, everyone at MAD Tourbooking, The good folks at Watford Punk Collective, Tony of Sounds of the Suburbs and the 100 Club for letting me shooting at their shows or helping me with getting passes.

As much as I love taking pics of the bands, all those shows would be nothing without their audience. I have then created a page just for the fans, the crazies, the punks and rockers, the drunks and the sober ones, all the wonderful people who makes this Punk Rock scene as fantastic as it is! 

This website is dedicated to all the people that I have stood in front of at gigs!