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Interview with Manu , guitarist singer of Blatoidea

Hi there Im Manu from Blatoidea, We originally formed in 2008 in Sicily and moved to London shortly after. We toured around the UK, Europe, Japan and released 3 studio albums.

Currently the band is formed by me (Manu) vocals-guitar, Jacko (vocals, bass) Carlo (vocals,guitar)  and Andrea (drums) who joined us in 2016.



First Punk Rock band you ever saw Live? Where/when?


The Exploited was the first Punk show I've ever seen live.

In 2005 I was in Bologna and one night while I was walking down the street, I found their poster saying they were gonna play the night after.

I had no idea they were in town so I was super excited cause I had never seen them before.

Where I come from is a small city, there was no Punk scene or anything like that and I also didn’t know many people in the bigger cities in Sicily, so I didn’t really have the chance to go to Punk shows before then.

That was a great experience for me. Also, it was the day after I was supposed to take the train back home but I'm glad I stayed just for the show ahah!

I still have the poster somewhere!

First Punk Rock Record you bought? What made you buy it?


“Nevermind the Bollocks” by the Pistols was definitely the first original punk album I've bought, before then I had always bought duplicated tapes as they were cheaper!

To be honest I already knew The Clash, Ramones and some 90s punk bands like The Offspring, Rancid, Nofx etc...

But what really  got me into punk was definitely The  Sex Pistols.

I didn’t know anything about them or the punk movement in general.

I remember I first bought “The Great Rock n’ Roll swindle” on video tape and got so much into them I was “yeah that's it, I wanna be in a nasty band like that”.

It probably was my life changing record.




Favourite Venue to play shows? UK or abroad

Ok I think in London one of my favourite places to play ever is the Underworld, the sound is very good in my opinion but I also think The Unicorn is a great place to play, that's where we did the release of our latest album “Quarantine”.



Well I'm definitely into the first wave and second wave of British punk rock. I also like post-punk, new wave and early metal bands. I'm a big thrash metal fan too.

To be fair I listen to all sorts of things as long as it's genuine and it inspires me. 

Blatoidea 04.jpg

The Phobics

The DeRellas

Any new bands impressed you and worth a shout out?

I think that Jawless from London have been making quite a name for themselves, I’ve seen them grow as a band and I honestly think they are nice people and they play good music.

What’s the future look like for Blatoidea as a band?


Well as soon as we are out of this current Covid situation we’d like to tour as much as possible and obviously start writing new music as we always do.

I'm really dying to play some music these days so hopefully  the “future” is not a decade away!


What is the craziest, most memorable thing you have seen at one of your shows?


It's probably not be the “craziest” thing, I  remember that couple of years ago during one of our tours  we played a show in a venue in Czeck Republic and as we were on stage setting up the gears right before starting our set, there was this guy in front of the stage shouting “COME ON!! HURRY UP!!” very impatient for us to start.

So we finally play our first song and there's this massive mosh on the front with all these people going nuts.

As soon as we end the song I notice from afar the same guy being carried outside by two other guys  looking like he's really hurt himself!

So then I said on the mic, “mate, just letting you know we still have 15 songs to go!”

I don’t know if he really injured himself  but I haven’t seen him around anymore after that!

Hopefully not! Either ways I'm sure he will remember that show forever ahah!

Blatoidea 04.jpg

Greatest Punk Rock album ever released?

All  Blatoidea albums off course! just kidding.

Probably the first Clash album. I think I could listen to that everyday!


Favourite Punk Rock band to share the stage with?


There's many bands out there we got to have a drink and a laugh with. I don’t think I can tell who my favourite is.  All I can say is most of the bands we get on well with are usually genuine people and have a good sense of humour.

The most recent tour we’ve done was with Banane Metalik from France. We toured France and Spain and It was very good fun to share the stage with them.


Memorable Live performance by any band you have seen?

I think Motorhead was undoubtedly the most memorable and  best live performance I’ve seen .

I saw them in 2011 for the first time at the 02 academy in London and it was exactly as I expected it to be.

I mean what else can I say, its Motorhead!

Where does the name come from?


It's a scientific name used to identify species of insects like cockroaches and this is most asked question in 98% of our interviews ahaha!! 

Blatoidea 08.jpg

Any advice for aspiring young Punk Rock bands out there?


Just play whatever  you like as long as it's sincere and it's done with passion. Regardless of whatever the scene is like or

regardless of whatever people say “punk” is supposed to be. 

Practice as much as you can and get your ass out there!

Blatoidea 03.jpg

Interviewed in London February 2021

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