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Interview with Dieselle May, guitarist with Kult 45's

Hailing from Putney, Dieselle May has clocked up a fair few miles on Londons Rock ’N’ Roll Underground.

Cutting her teeth while playing Bass for My Weird Sister at just 15, she was supporting the likes of UK Subs, Cardiacs and The Trudy. Her Impressive and varied C.V of both Live and Recording work includes Neneh Cherry, John Hogg, Creaming Jesus, Kingsley Beat, Angelo, Lemonade Kid, Chloe Ray and The Pricillas. 

Her Solo singles have received Worldwide Airplay and Chart positions with a Number 1 for  ‘Sweeter’ on the Scottish New Music Chart. Her most recent appointment as guitarist for The Kult 45’s is the perfect placement for her experience and Pedigree and an ideal interpreter for Senior and Blizzard’s unique brand of Rock ’N’ Roll.

1. First Punk Rock band you ever saw Live? And where/when

Due to the fact that my Parents ran a rehearsal studio in South West London in the mid 70’s

I got to see and hear quite a few Punk and New Wave Bands when they were just starting out. I think my fondest memory would be Marrianne Faithfull. She block booked the studio in 79, to rehearse her Broken English Album. I would go into the studio, watch and listen while my Dad

sorted the PA and sound levels out.

The first actual Gig I went to was Motorhead at The Clarendon- Hammersmith

( possibly 86/87?)

2. First Punk Rock Record you bought? What made you buy it?

The first Punk Record I ever owned was The Straps - Just can’t take anymore

I still have it, Signed by all the band. My cousin is Guitarist and founding member.

Dave Reeves.

3. Favourite Venue to play in? UK or abroad

Sadly the whole “Congestion Charge, ULEZ Charge, Parking costs and Redroutes” have

drained the joy

out of central London gigs for me. So it would have to be The Cavern in Raynes Park SW20,

( for Rock Gigs) & Suburbs at The Holryod Arms in Guildford ( for Punk/ Alternative) .

Both venues have great

Landlords who really look after the bands and work hard to promote the gigs.

Troubadour Kult 45's.jpeg

Photo by Steve Worrall

4. Influences

My earliest influences consisted of what was in my families Record collection. Bowie, Pink Floyd, 10cc

Hendrix, Otis Redding, Stones, Bob Dylan. Once I started to learn the guitar it was all about Rock....

Thin Lizzy, AC/DC , ZZ Top.

5. Any new bands impressed you and worth a shout out?

Strange Gravity - Absolutely loving their debut single “How will you remember me”

Natural Mystery Museum

6. What’s the future look like for Dieselle May.

The pandemic has certainly made me look differently at life and regret not taking more opportunities when the going was good. My intention is to record and release everything Ive ever written. (might need to rob a bank to pay for the studio time).

7. What is the craziest, most memorable thing which happened on Tour?

mmmm I need to be careful not to incriminate or embarrass anyone, including myself!..........

After one particular gig my bandmate had decided to entertain a ‘ Fan’ back in our twin room. They had quite a party and her ‘friend ‘ended up staying the night........ The next morning, due to being kept awake most of the night, I overslept and awoke to our tour manager banging on the door as everyone had checked out and was waiting to leave. In my half- asleep haste, I picked up everything that was on the floor bunged it in my suitcase and rushed down to the van leaving the ‘Friend’ fast asleep in the room. Whilst getting changed for the gig the following night, I discovered a pair of boxer shorts, mens jeans, T-Shirt and an odd sock in my case that didn’t belong to me......... Opps!


Interviewed in December 2020

8. Horror Movies or Science Fiction?


9. What do you dislike?

Not getting a soundcheck.

10. Guilty pleasure?

Classical Indian Music.

11. Is Punk Rock Dead?

Not by a long shot! The next wave is festering in every Frustrated, Angry,

Misunderstood, Neglected, Hungry, Tired and Forgotten young person.

And it won’t be available on Spotify!

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