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Interview with Grant Peligroso of D.S.A

1. First punk band ever saw live…?

The first ‘real’ concert I went to was at the Edinburgh Playhouse in 1988 and was Anthrax (The thrash band from NY and not the UK Anthrax who I also like). The first ‘punk’ band I went to see was probably Bovine Slug in Newbury in 1989 and they were great! 


2. First punk record bought ?

When we were kids I lived in Scotland, one of my best friends (Mike) and I used to listen to heavy metal and thrash. Mike’s older brother had moved to San Francisco and he was involved in playing music which I found exciting. One day in the record shop when we were browsing for thrash, Mike pulled out a record by Dead Kennedys and said ‘this is the band my brother’s been playing in’. So out of curiosity, I bought ‘Bedtime For Democracy’ because I liked the title and cover.

After that I was hooked on DKs and when Mike’s brother came home to visit I bugged him for stories about them. It turned out that he had answered an advert in a music paper to join an established band who were looking for a singer. The band turned out to be Dead Kennedys, it was just after Jello left and the band were trying to figure out what they were going to do. Mike’s brother gave me an address and told me to write to EB Ray, which I did and he wrote back to tell me about his latest project and sent some photos which I have kept to this day.


3. Favourite venues we’ve played ?

1. We always have a great time whenever we play at

the Underworld and/or the Black Heart in Camden.
2. Not really a music venue but we played a fun show

at the Space Skatepark - N. Berwick, Scotland where

we performed on top of the ramps to a bunch of skaters.
3. In Spain there was a nice little venue called Taberna

Belfast in Santa Maria del Paramo, they really looked

after us and the atmosphere was great.  


4. Influences ?

We met through skateboarding, we heard some of the

bands that have influenced us the most on skate videos.

When we are making new songs we imagine how they

would feel to skate to or want them to get kids amped

up to skate. 


5. Bands that have impressed us ?

It’s been a while since we’ve met any new bands but we always

have a good time sharing the stage with our friends in Rage DC,

Blatoidea, RAW and The Crippens.


6. Future for DSA ?

We are planning to record and make a new full length album and

look forward to getting back on the road when things settle down

out there.


7. Where does the name come from ?

One night after Marty and I had been at a show in London and

missed the last train home. We were walking around the streets

of Paddington, passing the time until the first train would be ready to leave in the morning. We were talking about ideas of names for our new band and we both liked the idea of using an acronym. Marty asked me what it could stand for? I said, ‘it doesn’t have to stand for anything’… And the rest is history.

8. Craziest most memorable thing to happen on tour ?

There are a lot of weird and fucked up stories I could tell but a couple of the most memorable things that I have enjoyed from playing was looking into the audience to see Jack and Ron from TSOL watching our entire set. Another is when Casey from D.I. (and original Adolescents) joined us on stage to play drums with us during our Soto tribute of ‘Who Is Who’.


9. Horror or Sci Fi ?

I like older horror flicks,

Universal Monsters, Hammer etc.


10. Guilty Pleasure ?

I also enjoy listening to Doo Wop


11. Is punk dead ?

No, it’s just on furlough!

DSA 05 - Copy.jpg
DSA 05.jpg

Interviewed in December 2020

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