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Interview with Hawxx- Anna, Jess, Hannah and Iman

We are HAWXX, we are named after the bird of prey, with the double XX symbolising the double XX female chromosome. We write songs that reflect self empowerment, the lies of the diet industry, mental health and being a sexy bastard! 

1.First Rock/Metal  band you ever saw Live? And where/when


Anna: The Scorpions! And Joe Cocker opened for them. It was epic. It was in Athens in 2005. 

Jess : Arch Enemy. I saw them by accident supporting another band and thought, wow this is heavy! Turns out i love metal.  

Hannah: are Stereophonics rock? Think I then had a baptism of fire in Reading festival 2002 

Iman: System of a Down at Brixton Academy. Mezmerize/hypnotize album release tour. 

2.First Rock/Metal Record you bought? What made you buy it?


Anna : First metal album was Deftones Around the Fur. First rock

album (if this counts) was Take off your pants and jacket by Blink 182 lol.

Jess: Bullet for my valentine, they were my favourite band

as a teenager.


Hannah: again Stereophonics for rock Haha (Welsh stereotype)

I remember buying Rage Against The Machine when I was about 14 and xmas shopping with my brother-in-law - he noticed I was

developing gothy tendencies so he recommended it haha -

game changer though. 

Iman : Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory. A friend lent it to me first and I fell in love straight away and needed to own it myself.

3.Favourite venue to play in? UK or abroad

Scala or Koko in London! 


Anna: Karnivool, Anna Calvi, Meshuggah, Kae Tempest, Bjork.

Jess: Karnivool, king crimson, lightning bolt. 

Hannah: Metallica, Trivium, Muse, soundtrack scores. 

Iman : Deftones, Bjork, Maynard James Keenan, Baroness 

Hawxx 05.jpg
Hawxx 03.jpg

5.Any new bands impressed you and worth a shout out?


Wargasm and Holding Absence. We played with them at the Heavy Music Awards this year and were BLOWN AWAY! 

6.What’s the future look like for Hawxx?

It’s looking banging. We are currently finalising the songs on our next EP and we are recording in January which is exciting!

Just writing and keeping  the band spirit alive for now during these super hard times. 

7.Why the name Hawxx?


It comes from the bird of pray and the XX symbolises  the female chromosome. We came up with it in a pub called  the Betsy

Trotwood- who’s name also delighted us. 

8.What is the craziest, most memorable thing which happened on tour or at one of your shows?


We went on tour up North and played a gig in a venue which had awesome antique furniture everywhere - like a church pulpit, prison bars and old school cinema chairs so that was funky...but as we looked around we noticed there were taxidermy animals everywhere. In the front room where we loaded in, there were 2 massive stuffed tigers and a skeleton which were freaky but NOTHING compared to what we saw later.

We were invited upstairs to the landlord's living space which

was filled from floor to ceiling with taxidermy animals.

Tigers, Giraffes, lions, birds, cats...

Anna had an instant panic attack upon entering.

Not to mention there was original Nazi memorabilia

in the corner!!

Hawxx 20.jpg
Hawxx 06.jpg

9.If 2020 was a person?

Anna: Gollum

Hannah: Tobey McGuire..such a punchable face.

Iman: Me 

10.Guilty pleasure?

​Anna: I fucking love Little Mix.

Jess: Britney. 

Iman: Watching trash TV in bed all curled up in pyjamas and

eating junk food all day

Hannah: I watched all of I’m a celebrity 

11.Favourite Metal album of all time?

Anna: Obzen- Meshuggah

Hannah- Metallica - Master of Puppets

Iman : Too many to pick from 

12.Any advice for young bands?

Rehearse and gig as MUCH as you can. Be organised- we function so well together  because everyone in the band has different roles and responsibilities! Follow your instincts! 

Interviewed in December 2020

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