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Interview with Myura, Kiki, Frog and Shanerrr of  PollyPikPocketz

Myura: South Asian (Tamil) born in Tottenham. Front person of PollyPikPocketz.

Frog: Born in Lewisham but grew up in Wolverhampton to learn how to spake proppa  & become a massive Wolves FC fan. Hobbies include talking to myself in languages that I don’t understand , counting dust & staring at things . previous bands.... where’s Da Beach , Atom Heart Mother , Globallistic but I was always the singer in those bands, PollyPikPocketz Is the first band I’ve been in where I’ve had to play that funny plank with the metal strings on it.

Shanerrr: ARLOW TOWN. I work a day job and play drums for PollyPikPockets. I’ve also played drums for the Vein, Proximus and Knight of the Dark Soul.

1. First Punk Rock band you ever saw Live? And where/when


Kiki: I'm gonna substitute 'punk' for 'metal' for the purposes of this question and the next, as that's just more what I was into at the time. Slipknot.

Frog: The Jam , Wolverhampton in 1977.

Myura: Snuck into the Barfly to see a band that I wasn't even into, but my mates wanted to see, it was 36 Crazyfists. We shamelessly drew out our own handstamps.

Shanerrr: 2000ish. Mainline at the Square in Harlow. They were friends of friends.

It was mind blowing. Despite having a musical dad I still couldn’t believe this was something people in my hometown were actually doing.

2 . First Punk Rock Record you bought? What made you buy it?


Kiki: Fear Factory Obsolete.

Frog: God save the Queen cuz it made me cum in my Pantz.

Myura:  Not quite punk...Nirvana MTV Unplugged, I had their other albums on cassette tapes that friends had made and so missed the unplugged one.

Shanerrr: The Offspring – Smash. It had the track Genocide, I’d seen on a skate video,on it.

Pollypickpoketz 10.jpg
PollyPikpocketz session 08.jpg

3. Favourite Venue to play in? UK or abroad

Kiki: I love the Unicorn. Also love Percy's and the Victoria Bikers Pub. Damn it, there's too many!!

Frog: Brixton Academy.

Myura: So many but Percy's Cafe Bar is definitely a fave.

Shanerrr: There’s so many great venues we’ve played. I suppose at this moment in time any that survive and have crowd.


4. Influences?

Kiki: My dad playing the guitar when I was a kid is probably my biggest one.

Frog: Quentin Crisp and Iggy Pop.

Myura: Poly Styrene, Skunk Anansie, Eartha Kitt & Rik Mayall

Shanerrr: Corr.. Nirvana, Snapcase, Hot water music, Special move.


5. Any new bands impressed you and worth a shout out?

Kiki: Your Mum, Tokyo Taboo, Alice Is Sleeping, Drama love, to name

just a few. There is tons of great music out there!!

Frog: On the circuit we play there are so many great bands, way too many to mention all of them but here are a few Bobbydazzlers: Healthy Junkies Yur Mum, Tokyo Taboo, Flesh Tetris, Bird Eats Baby, GoGo Ponies, Dragster and Starsha Lee.

Myura: I'd say Real(s), Kontrol Freaks and can't wait to hear Flesh Tetris' new choonz.

Shanerrr: Hmm Yur Mum are always splendid, Gogoponies, The Muffinheads.



6. What’s the future look like for you and for Pollypikpocketz?

Kiki: Keep on rocking, keep on writing, most of all keep on enjoying ourselves!

Frog: I’m going to become A martial arts expert and part time Adele impersonator and I think PollyPikPocketz will play the Royal Variety Performance next year.

Myura: Mattel and Polly Pocket are teaming up with us to create a new toy compact world with the theme Pocket Punkfest where you get to play 'gigz' at a unique venue. Also we should hope to see you on the Lips Can Kill 2 UK tour.

Shanerrr: Finish some super top secret new tunes and play them for the riff-raff!. Fingers crossed a Lips can kill 2 tour!

Pollypickpoketz 01.jpg

7. Why the name Pollypikpocketz?

Shanerrr: No Idea.

Kiki: Something to do with Polly Pocket dolls I think. I dunno, ask Myura...

Frog: Because nobody liked my idea of calling the band ‘Everybody is a massive CUNT’.

Myura:  Polly Pocket 90s obsession + Fagin √ A Dickensian Twist = PollyPikPocketz.

8. What is the craziest, most memorable thing which happened on tour or at a show?

Kiki: Nothing too outrageous that I remember. Getting twatted round the face by Frog's bass at the 100 Club was 'fun'.

Frog: One time when we were in Manchester we stayed up till nearly 10:30!!!!!!!

Myura: Whilst lying next to a wonderfully fluffy woofster that I was petting at Alice's Wicked Tea Party, the rather huge hound took a slow snap at my head. I'm talking a fully opened jaw over my cranium. Thankfully, I had a fresh head of dreads which protected my head from being squished by Mr Bitey.

Shanerrr: Things got a little bit lively with the security at Thousand Island on the lips can kill tour… I didn’t love it. I still find chunks of Kiki’s vomit in my car occasionally too…

9. If 2020 was a person?

Kiki: Nigel Farage

Frog: Morrissey

Myura: The Tiger King dude.

Shanerrr: They wouldn’t be on my Christmas card list.

10. Guilty pleasure?

Kiki: Keep On Lovin' You by REO Speedwagen. Loooooove that track.

Frog: Smothering myself in raspberry jam and then rolling

in nettles.

Myura: Reading random IMDB trivia.

Shanerrr: Sometimes. In the early hours. I sneak to the fridge  and eat a whole block of cheese.


11. Is Punk Rock Dead?

Kiki: No. I'd say it was more undead. Party on zombies...

Frog: Not in my fookin’ house it ain’t

Myura:  It's alive and kicking harder babes.

Shanerrr: Have you ever seen him?


12. Any advice for young bands just starting?

Kiki: Do it because you enjoy it, that's the only thing you really need to keep yourself going.

Pollypickpoketz 01.jpg

Interviewed in London Nov 20/ Jan 21

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