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Interview with Richie, Ross and Shane from The Mistakes

Hey, Im Richie, I play bass in The Mistakes. Previously I played guitar in a terrible local punk band called Our Time Heroes, which then turned into a more pop punk outfit called Pump Action Radio. We were a decent local band but only played a handful of out of town shows. It kind of fizzled out after a few line up changes. Then I fell into The Mistakes and haven’t looked back.

Alright, I’m Ross from The Mistakes. I’m not allowed to touch the instruments, so I handle the lead vocals. Band wise it’s pretty much been The Mistakes since day one, barring a couple of school age fuck arounds.

1. First Punk Rock band you ever saw Live? And where/when

Richie: The first gig I ever went to was Green Day at Wembley Arena,

I know the jury’s out on wether they’re deemed punk, but 16 year old me

had a wonderful time (this was pre American idiot days).
The first local punk gig I went to was 4ft Fingers at Mr Smiths

in Bournemouth.

It was also the first time I met Shane who’s old band Dislocated Youth

were supporting.


Ross: The first gig I remember travelling to and being a proper event

outside of local shows was a weekend where I went up to London,

saw Anti Flag one night and Pennywise the next. That was a right nice

little time. First local gig I have no idea...


Shane: The Damned 1996!! I was 8, my dad took me with his mate


2. First Punk Rock record you bought? What made you buy it?

Richie: The first album I ever bought for myself was Americana

by The Offspring, I really liked the singles Pretty Fly and

Kids aren’t alright, so I bought the album. I was already into the rocky

stuff that my parents would listen to (Queen, Roxette, Dire Straights etc)

but this was different. I know its pretty tame in punk standards but

it had a certain grit that I hadn’t heard before and I was hooked. I had it on repeat for months. It was my gateway drug, I soon went on to find other bands like Rancid, Nofx Bad Religion etc.

Ross: Think it was Dookie by Greenday, I went in down that route. Heard a bunch of weird, cool stuff off a guy I used to get a lift to school with, and I guess that one stuck enough to buy it.

The Mistakes 34.jpg
The Mistakes 37.jpg
The Mistakes 32.jpg

3. Favourite venue to play in? UK or abroad

Richie: I really like playing The Joiners 
in Southampton,always had a great sound. Wild at heart in Berlin is a cracking little venue too.


Ross: Wild at heart, in Berlin. Love it.


Shane: Wild at heart in Berlin. It holds big significance for me in terms of a milestone and its heritage. It's steeped in punk rock history, going through there is a bit of a right of passage.

4. Influences?

Richie: Musically any of the 90’s skate punk bands. Bass influences are Matt Freeman, Chris #2, Justin Bivona. I really like Ska/punky bass sound that they’re all great at.

Barney from Sonic Boom Six was great at this too, but he has more of a dub sound.


Ross: Honestly the answer to this one changes by the day, but there’s a few constants. Rancid, NoFx and so on, a bunch of the East Bay stuff, but also the proper old heroes. The Clash, Subs, Sham, the Adicts...

5. Any new bands impressed you and worth a shout out?

Richie: Not sure how new they are these days but we’ve made good friends with a few bands that are all fantastic. Sinful Maggie, Kill The Colossi, Face Up, Suckerpunch and Rats Nest are all worth a mention.


Ross: Face up! Sinful Maggie, kill the colossi, the crash landings, rats nest. All amazing, well worth checking out. 

6. What’s the future look like for you and The Mistakes?

Richie: Hopefully its full of gigs all over the place, when covid finally 
fucks off and we can play shows again. Our new album is out soon and fingers crossed it will cement our place on the scene.


Ross: That’s a hard one to answer these days.

Assuming brexit isn’t too restrictive and that vaccine kicks in,

next year is going to be an absolute monster! It’s about time we had

some proper fun again.


Shane: Brighter than it's ever been before but probably not bright


7. Why the name The Mistakes?

Richie: I honestly don’t know, you’ll have to ask Shane and Ross

about that. The name predates my time in the band.


Ross: Because not one of us was planned.

8. What is the craziest, most memorable thing which happened on

tour or at one of your shows?

Richie: Of the stories i am allowed to repeat in public, the most

memorable is in the van on the motorway on the way to Dover and

Shane decides he needs a piss. Our driver joking suggested he goes

out the window. Never one to shy away from a challenge, he decides its happening. As he’s pissing out the window the wind blows it back in, all over my new pillow. Safe to say i wasn’t too pleased. But he did buy me a new one for our next tour. 

The Mistakes 30.jpg

Ross: Crazy and memorable kind of work in inverse proportion for me, as the crazier it gets the less likely I am to remember it. That said, I have fallen over in some absolutely spectacular ways. 


Shane: For me, playing Rebellion and looking down to see Charlie Harper singing along in the front row. SURREAL.

9. If 2020 was a person?

Richie: If 2020 was a person, he’d vote Tory for sure


Ross: It might as well be Trump, right? Either way, it would have  to be a complete and utter cunt. 

10. Guilty pleasure?

Richie: Little Mix, not even a guilty pleasure.


Ross: Decent book and a hot bath. There is a chance that I’m starting to go through the menopause. 

11. Favourite Punk Rock album of all time?

Richie: Probably Out Come the Wolves by Rancid.


Ross: Gotta be and Out Come the Wolves, Rancid.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve listened that one through and I wouldn’t ever skip a track.


Shane: Rancid out come the wolves.

12. If God was a Punk Rocker. Who would it be?

Richie: There’s a graphic novel call Punk Rock Jesus. 
Definitely worth checking out.
Real person? Probably Joe Strummer.

Ross: Uhm... Timmy Mallet. Why not.


Shane: Lemmy. God is dead.

Interviewed in December 2020

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