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Interview with Rat, vocals with The Varukers and The Vile

My name is Rat, I am founder member and vocalist for both the Varukers and The Vile, I live in Nottingham but originally came from a small town called Warwick  famous for its stunning castle (Warwick Castle ) and of course its stunning Punk  band The Varukers ( ha ha ).

I sang in Discharge for 10 years, (2003 to 2013) and also for a band called Arbitrater in the 80s, I did vocals for the band Warwound until last year when the band split up (I sang on 3 releases ).

While there has been no gigs I have and still am working on an album with my old Varukers /Nephilm guitarist Paul Miles, the band is called the Massacred Millions! Keep an eye out for that.

Just recently I have been working with Tez Roberts from discharge on a new band called Undesirables, we have a 4 track 12inch coming out on Foad Records from Italy in April.

Over the last month or so we have been into Doghouse Studios in Nottingham to put down a few new ideas for a possible Undesirable album for 2021.

The Varukers 08.jpg

First Punk band you ever saw Live? Where/when?


The first Punk band i saw was in the town of Leamington spa, about 3 miles where I was originally from in Warwick, the venue was the Spa centre and it was a band called Coventry Automatics ,who later became the specials!


First Punk Record you bought? What made you buy it?

First Punk records I bought was Nasty Nasty by 999, and a seven inch called Snuff Rock by a band called Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias (something like that ), have to check discogs for correct spelling.

And it was Garry Moloney, The Varukers original drummer that convinced me to get them, good call never looked back (cheers Garry)


Favourite Venue to play shows? UK or abroad.


I don’t really have a favourite venue /place to gig I love em all, every time ya step onto a stage it is a new experience, suppose that’s the excitement of gigging (hope to get back to it as soon as government allows us ).



Sex Pistols /Damned I would have to say in early days then in the latter stages UK Subs /Discharge and Crass.

Any new bands impressed you and worth a shout out?


Yes Criminal Minds always put on a great gig, and the bands Rats Nest, from the UK, if ya get a chance check out my good friend Thomas band from Spain Ultimo Gobierno, been around for a while but a good band to check out!

What’s the future look like for you and The Varukers?


Well we hope to start writing  some new material once we can all get together again, obviously we haven't been able to gig, be a shame to have wasted all this time and not even worked on new material!.



What is the craziest, most memorable thing you have seen at a show? Favourite show?


Yet again I cant pin point one event with so many years of touring under our belts. And a lot of crazy events, and there probably will be more crazy events coming our way, you would think that the older we get things would calm down, not with us for some reason (just like a crazy train).

Greatest Punk album ever released?


there are so many great ones apart from any Varukers /Warwound ones (fucking right I will blow my own trumpet! ) obviously Sex Pistols Never Mind The Bollocks stands the test of time , the Damned first album , and Discharge Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing I suppose depending what mood I am in at the time one, of those has to be the greatest!

rat Unicorn.jpg

Where does the name The Varukers come from?

The name Varukers was actually made up by drummer Garry Moloney (me and him started the band ). Garry left the Varukers around 83 and joined this band from Stoke on Trent called Discharge (whoever they are!).

Other names we considered was ELECTRIC X or THYROID phew glad we chose Varukers, it was the one that we thought would look better on the back of peoples jackets (oh yeah we were getting well ahead of ourselves ) but we were right a the end!


Favourite Punk band to share the stage with?


GBH every time such great guys as well as being a great band!


Guilty pleasure?


Too many to say although I do like wine gums or jelly babies!


Any advice for aspiring young Punk band out there? Give up now before you lose all ya money , mental health, dignity and self respect , but if you aint bothered about any of those go for it your have a blast ,

The Varukers 26.jpg

Interviewed in February 2021

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