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Interview with Ane and Fabio from Yur Mum

1. First Punk Rock band you ever saw Live? where/when

There were quite a few Sunday afternoon gigs at one point so the kids could go and enjoy as well as play. This was around mid-late 90s back in Brazil and in one of these gigs we’ve seen:

Anelise: Five Punk Fools in Blumenau - SC

Fabio: Mozzarellas in Pouso Alegre - MG

2. First Punk Rock Record you ever bought?


Anelise: I gave up. I cannot remember. 😒

Fabio: If you have it in your heart to consider Green Day punk, it was Dookie and I have no regrets.

I discovered the Ramones shortly afterwards.


3. Favourite Venue to play in? UK or abroad

Both: It’s hard to choose one so we picked our top 5 venues we’ve played more than once:

The Unicorn Camden

The Dublin Castle

The Bird’s Nest

Percy’s Café in Whitchurch

Banshee’s Labyrinth in Edinburgh.

Yur Mum
WYM 01.jpg

4. Influences?

Both: Influences change a lot but I guess during the latest songs we wrote we were listening to a lot of Fugazi, Helmet, Melvins, IDLES, Lunachicks, Deftones, Raimundos, Kyuss.


5. Any new bands impressed you and worth a shout out?

Both: We’ve discovered a few bands, some recent, others not

as much but still worth mentioning such as Future Of The Left,

Love Junkies, Viagra Boys, Nova Twins, Witch of the East, IDLES, Brutus, Amyl And The Sniffers, Black Midi.

6. What’s the future look like for Yur Mum?

Well,  despite all the odds and lockdowns, we’ve recorded

enough tracks for an album. We want to start releasing new

tracks slowly and build up anticipation.

We’ve got a music video ready to go and a few more to come and we also got the “Lips Can Kill Tour” with Healthy Junkies, Pollypikpocketz, Tokyo Taboo, a slot at Rebellion and ferry tickets to Ireland.


7. Where does the name come from?

Drinking, lack of creativity and bad jokes. To be honest, the worst part of starting a band is choosing a name. We were pressured to come up with one before our first gig and we’ve decided to go with the worst and most immature option. We have no regrets as it’s a memorable name and it always puts smiles on people’s faces.  

8. What is the craziest, most memorable thing which happened on Tour?

Both: We’ve had a few ones… There’s one we can’t tell the details but one of our friends was about to get kicked out of a venue we played in Glasgow when this bloke, who was passing by, saw us and came to our aid.

He stayed for a while and we talked. It turned out that he was a musician as well and played for a band called Simple Minds.


9. If 2020 was a person?

Both: Bo Jo, Trump and Bolsonaro represent 2020 really well. Take your pick.


10. What do you dislike?
Not gigging, Liver, 
fascists and when people say “the new normal”

Yurm Mum 26.jpg

11. Guilty pleasure?

Anelise: Ja Ja Ding Dong!

Fabio: Obey by BMTH and Yungblud. It’s super commercial but I’m a sucker for the heavy parts and the breakdowns. One good thing about playing drums is that you can listen to dodgy music by claiming the drum parts are good.


12. Favourite band to share a stage with?

Both: You put us in an awful situation here. It’s hard to pick one… we’ve played with bands like NMA, Adolescents, Varukers, Maid Of Ace, Svetlanas, The Blunders, Muffin Heads, Pizza Tramp.


To make this answer possible we can mention bands we loved touring with: Tarah Who?, Healthy Junkies, PollyPikPocketz, Tokyo Taboo, Dragster, The Blue Carpet Band. I guess we played more often with them and had some good times and it’s needless to say we love what they do on stage.

Yur Mum

Interviewed in January 2021

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